How customer feedback shapes the Circulation Platform: Part I

This is part 1 of a 3-part series on how we take client ideas and transform them into meaningful changes on Circulation's platform.

Every patient’s journey starts with a ride.  Behind that ride is the transportation coordinator scheduling it, the driver making the trip, and the administrator overseeing the benefit plan that subsidizes the travel.  Each of these key stakeholders play a critical role in the chain of events that make a patient’s transportation a success. Yet only Circulation’s exchange platform empowers all of them to work together with the efficiency and transparency of a single solution.

As Director of Product at Circulation, my mission is to keep Circulation the tool of choice for all profiles in that chain. We work tirelessly to ensure all stakeholders have a positive experience with Circulation — from the administrator navigating through the platform in order to book the ride to the patient who ultimately takes the ride.

This is made possible by ensuring the platform effectively addresses the distinct needs of each segment of our customer base. And in order to do this, we rely on various touch points with those customers to maintain a constant stream of feedback.  Some methods are more passive, such as our technical support channels through which end users report issues. Others are more proactive, including the regular check-ins conducted by our Accounts team, through which we gain broader insights into how the platform helps our customers achieve their goals. Then there’s our focus on the NEMT industry at large — staying up-to-date on the latest news, regulatory actions, and trends impacting the industry — to ensure our platform stays relevant within the ever-expanding NEMT landscape.

Altogether, this feedback is synthesized into individual feature requests which form our product backlog.  This backlog is regularly reviewed and reprioritized. The most critical items are then surfaced for inclusion in the product via development sprints.  The result is a platform that gets updated every 3 weeks, accompanied by new feature announcements communicated to our users via such mediums as email and video.  

But I’ll spare you the finer details about our release process.  Let’s go back to the more interesting part - the part where we get to engage with you, our customers.

We value the strong relationships we have with our customers.  It is largely thanks to you that Circulation has resonated with so many in the NEMT industry, contributing to the continued growth of the platform.  Stay tuned as I revisit this topic over the coming months to highlight each segment of our customer base, both in terms of how they use our platform and the feedback channels available to further communicate their needs to us.

Consider this a token of appreciation for your invaluable feedback, and a reminder of the many ways you can keep it coming!

Have a product enhancement request or a new feature idea? Send us an email!

Bonnie is the Director of Product at Circulation.