The slightly overdue list of announcements made at this year's HLTH conference (plus, our own announcement)

The first ever HLTH conference is in the books and we wanted to round off on some of the announcements that made a splash at this year’s conference. A whopping 191 announcements were made at the conference, so while we can’t cover them all, we’ve created a list of some of the most notable news stories that broke at the event:

Fitbit releases new apps and clock faces so individuals can better manage their health 

In addition to Fitbit co-founder and CEO James Park giving an excellent talk at the conference about the future of wearables in healthcare, Fitbit announced the release of eight different apps and clock-faces with myriad uses for personal health management. More than one app focuses on the management of chronic care diseases — such as diabetes and cancer — while other apps like “Slickweather” keeps individuals updated on the risk of contagious illnesses in their respective locations.

Former CMS administrator Andy Slavitt’s announced a new venture firm

Andy Slavitt, in coordination with three health care industry leaders, announced the formation of a new venture capital firm called Town Hall. The firm is being built to address social determinants of health in Medicare and Medicaid populations, as well as those with complex conditions. Said Slavitt on the new firm: “The answers are not always traditional; they involve investments in underlying systemic issues as well as innovative approaches that improve people’s health and well-being.”

Microsoft and Adobe are working with Change Healthcare on a patient engagement tool

The three are working together on a patient engagement tool that will ultimately help providers improve the overall patient experience. What does that mean? The details are forthcoming but you can expect the solution will use consumer data from healthcare IT sources such as EHRs, and that the final product could be something that helps providers develop content or launch patient engagement campaigns.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC and Wildflower Health unveil a digital partnership focused on delivering healthier pregnancies

Using Wildflower Health’s My Pregnancy App, Blue Cross Blue Shield NC will be able to identify and engage with new moms more quickly, and provide them with timely clinical resources and 24/7 support during their pregnancies.

And of course, our own announcement!

We’re excited to announce a partnership with Buoy Health, an AI-enabled health assistant tool that’s used by millions to help identify treatment options as soon as they start experiencing illness. Circulation’s ride-ordering intelligence and transportation network will be directly integrated into Buoy’s digital tool so that people can follow through on their care by booking an on-demand ride.

To access, consumers will go to and begin engaging with its friendly AI, in an exchange designed to mirror a conversation with a doctor. Patients will then be prompted through a series of questions to enter their symptoms in detail. Buoy will then analyze the consumer’s inputs in real-time, and point the customer to a recommended course of treatment. After that, Buoy will allow users to book on-demand rides via Lyft and other transportation partners through Circulation’s ride-ordering platform — either using their own funds or through insurance if transportation is a covered benefit.

“Ultimately, it comes down to providing a better experience to individuals who need timely access to care” said Robin Heffernan, CEO & Co-Founder of Circulation. “And since every patient journey starts with a ride, it makes so much sense to give Buoy users easy access to convenient, reliable transportation to their local pharmacies, primary care clinics, or urgent care centers.”

For more information, see our press release on the announcement here.

Jon is Circulation's Director of Marketing