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A new vision for non‑emergency medical transportation.

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Transportation: the hidden barrier to effective healthcare

Each year, around 3.6 million patients across the USA miss at least one appointment due to lack of access to transportation.

Factor in delayed critical interventions, and the resulting overall cost estimates run into hundreds of billions of dollars.

Why do Americans who qualify for non-emergency medical transportation services (NEMT) still struggle to find accessible, affordable rides to and from medical appointments?

A cost-ineffective framework that threatens health.

The actual logistical framework is inefficient. The use of outdated technology by third-party brokers results in more bureaucracy and soaring costs for the entire system.

Patients get frustrated by reimbursement restrictions, 48-hour advanced booking, last-minute cancellations, inadequate vehicles and no-shows. This affects more than just pocketbooks - their personal health is on the line. Change is needed.

A multidisciplinary approach

We brought together a multidisciplinary team to tackle this gridlock with a cutting-edge approach. Healthcare professionals, entrepreneurs and technology innovators all worked towards a centralized solution to turn better transportation into better outcomes, and positively impact population health.

Leadership Team

Robin Heffernan, PhD

CEO • Co-Founder

Jennifer White

Chief Commercial Officer

Jared Hawkins, PhD

CTO • Co-Founder

John Brownstein, PhD


Leerom Segal


Introducing Circulation

On-demand convenience and efficiency for the world of NEMT.

CIRCULATION is a new way to book NEMT with the benefit of HIPAA compliance; it can seamlessly be integrated with healthcare systems as well as both established and on-demand vendors.

  • Call is made to schedule appointment
  • Dispatch confirms patient eligibility & transport authorization
  • The most suitable ride provider is selected
  • Patient is safely driven to & from their destination

Let’s bring forward improved patient experience and reduced costs for the entire healthcare system.

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